Swallowing a loss is no easy task. Going into a situation knowing that you did your absolute best and prepared in any way that you possibly could have and still came up short, well that’s another story altogether. Sometimes there are situations where you know that you could have tried harder or done more, but when a situation is out-of-control it brings with it a whole different element of thought.

After months of training hard and focusing all my energy on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championships, I came up short last weekend. In the quarterfinals of the tournament I ended up losing a very close match. This match was in a way controversial because I felt that the referee was not awarding me the points that I had earned. In fact, our offense was just about the same if not me scoring more than my opponent. The referee however, had seen it in a different way and probably cost me the match.

The frustration that I feel is definitely real and definitely intense. Losing a match to a much better opponent is sometimes easier to cope with than losing a very close match to somebody that I very well may have been better than. This all just tells me that while I did everything that I could, there are some variables that are just out of my hands. The only thing I can do is take this loss and go back to the drawing board with it. I enjoyed my time in California and Las Vegas, ate some of my favorite foods that I have missed, and had an opportunity to train with some old teammates. While I have been enjoying myself and giving my mind a break from competition, I have still been working my body hard. All I can do is push myself and all I can do is strive to get better. In this competitive field where everybody is literally out to get each other; drive, dedication, and desire Needs to be in the right place not for just a season but for the long-haul. Success in the game of life after all is not a sprint but a marathon.