Dealing with Injury

I showed up at a small tournament last weekend. I was initially just going to watch some matches and cheer some friends on. After a couple weeks of enjoying myself, going overboard on ice cream and cheeseburgers after almost every training session, I probably shouldn’t have been competing. Once I got there though, things were different. i saw fights going on, competitors everywhere, and I decided “why not?”. I grabbed my gear out of my car (it’s ALWAYS in my car) and I got ready to jump in. After all, you only live once, right?

Halfway through my third match my leg ended up in a strange position, forcing my knee to loudly pop and almost give way. I continued on with my match, winning and making it to the semi final round. At that point I found myself unable to perform up to par and I eventually ended up losing that match. I hobbled off of the mat and had a really hard time walking without a limp after that. I accepted my 3rd place medal and then proceeded to go get myself some nice. By this point, I could tell something was up. I’ve been through a lot of injuries, mostly off the mat. It started to seem quite obvious that at this point I was in some trouble. I went home and took some ibuprofen, rested some and continued with the ice, but the damage had been done. Something was definitely wrong, and after a week and a half of no improvement, it was time to contact a doctor.