The Procedure

After almost 2 weeks of hobbling around I was sure that I had endured a serious injury. Although this is entirely unlike me I decided to go to a doctor and get myself checked out. It had been about a week and a half and I felt no better at all. I was still limping and my knee felt severely sore and swollen. Upon getting a quick examination, my doctor informed me that I had an LCL strain and possibly some serious meniscus tear. Now I don’t know exactly what all that means, but it sounds really bad. Surgery bad.

I Went for my MRI on Thursday and the suspense of the 24 hour waiting time for my results could have probably killed me. I waited and just sweat it out until late Friday afternoon when the results had finally come in. My doctor informed me that although I had endured a major trauma as indicated by the swelling, I was actually just very lucky. It turns out that despite everything, I am only dealing with inflammation, and while heavy, certainly workable. After my fears of surgery and months of staying out of the gym and the competition scene had taken over, I am given this amazing breath of fresh air! The doctor would like to keep seeing me and have me working some exercise to strengthen the muscles around the joint, But says that I can expect to return to training in one week. I can’t remember the last time I heard better news!