R and R

Sometimes the hardest part of the training is the not training part. The focus and dedication to improvement becomes such a welcomed grind that tunnel vision takes over completely. I’m all about the work that it takes to get better. I’ve become so focused on putting the work in, that it makes me forget about the other important part of the train. The rest and relaxation part.

Time off Is a very underrated but very important tool for recovery and refocusing. Some say that a week off will actually make you better when you come back. I was never so sure about that as I’ve had weeks off where I come back much better and weeks off where I come back feeling like I’ve forgotten my whole repertoire of moves. Add to that the cardio part seems to be much harder as I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things after time off. Nothing really prepares you for fighting like fighting, so it leaves me feeling like I will have missed out on a lot.

The key part in all this is to think of the positives. I’m giving myself a much needed time to rest and recover. Breaks are important for recovery and as long as I still keep my goal in mind and my mental repertoire of moves fresh, My battery should hopefully be charged to keep me through another long year of training and competition. In the meantime, it’s nice to have a little free time, get out, and have some fun outside of the sport. As long as I can keep reminding myself that this is a good thing!